Why Bad Online Reviews Hurt Your Practice



Do you have your dental practice on an online review site like Google+ or Yelp? If you don’t yet, you should.

Stats show that 44% of people look for information and reviews about healthcare professionals online.

These online review sites are a way for your patients to express how they feel about your practice. If they give you good and positive reviews raving about their experience, this is an easy way to gain referrals from people you haven’t targeted. They are more likely to book a first-time appointment with you if they see glowing reviews.

But there is a flip side. If your healthcare practice is incurring negative reviews, then you’re alienating that 44% and missing out on gaining new patients who can help increase your reputation and revenue stream.

Too many bad reviews will ruin your reputation. That’s why online reputation and review management should be an essential part of your healthcare marketing plan. But even if you’re dealing with bad reviews already, you can turn it around:

Encourage good reviews

If you have a few regular patients who keep coming back and are happy with the service you provide, encourage them to post a review online. There are a few ways you can do this:

  • Add a link to your online review page in all your email correspondence, encouraging regular patients to leave a review.
  • Follow up after an appointment and, if your patient is happy with their experience, promote your online review site for them to leave a positive review.
  • Offer incentives, like a free dental cleaning, for patients who leave positive reviews.

Respond to negative reviews

A number of these online review sites also provide an opportunity for you to respond to negative reviews. There may be an explanation and, if not, you can apologise for the issue and encourage the patient to come back and re-experience your practice. They may not, but by being contrite about a misunderstanding, it may encourage people reading the site to give your practice a chance.

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